The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Wedding Day

Ahh… wedding days.  If it’s yours, it is exciting and filled with decisions to make the day… the perfect day.  And if it’s your daughter’s wedding day, take that feeling and double it.

Two of my kids have been married in the last 18 months. Although it doesn’t make me an expert in weddings, I have a fresh perspective.  To describe the perfect wedding day, I put on Hoku’s soundtrack from Legally Blonde – Perfect Day.

Wedding day is  the enchanted day when nothing can go wrong.  It’s magical. It’s the day that can’t come soon enough. Getting there is half the fun (well maybe), and once it arrives, you never want to end.  

One of my daughters was married last year in a quaint Texas venue and her wedding was as beautiful as she was. My son was married the year before, where he and his wife Chelsea, had a Rocky Mountain venue. Each wedding was uniquely perfect.

After their wedding, I asked them to send me their favorite photo.  Out of a mountain of photos, they sent me the picture above. I couldn’t wait to see it as a custom Soulful Creation, so I added a few personalized words to complete the personalized canvas art.

Wedding Canvas Print

Soulful Creations exists to remember great moments, and we take that responsibility very seriously. It’s why I spent months searching for the best American-made frames we could source, and why we hand spray the coatings on our canvases. Our way is a very old-school way of doing things, but I’ll tell you what – it’s worth it. Every time someone orders a Soulful Creation, I hear from them how the colors just jump off the canvas, and how even if they used their smartphone to take that photo, it looks like it came out of a high-quality camera. I love hearing that, because we put a lot of effort and research into making the best affordable custom canvases you can find.

Let us capture the magic of your perfect day. We want to make it easier than ever to turn your memories into heirloom art. And because weddings cost enough already, use these coupon codes for special discounts on our most popular sizes of custom canvases:

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Sending you joy and Great Moments Remembered,

Rick Jones, Founder and CEO