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Your inspirations are the heart of every Soulful Creations product. Your families, your friends, the special moments of your life - these are the reasons we get up every day.


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Don't let your Facebook photos die in your feed - bring them to life! It only takes a few minutes to upload, create and order.

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Words are powerful. Take your favorite saying, quote or passage and turn it into a hanging masterpiece.

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This is the perfect gift to give for our anniversary.  Thank you!  

Bobbie N.

Birthdays are Luvly.

Give a lasting memory as an expresson of your affection.

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My friend and I set up a time for him to give a CanvasLuv piece to his wife for their anniversary. We shipped the picture to our home so that it was already here.  When they came over for dinner we ate and talked and then he said, wait a minute ... I have something for you. The next few minutes were so memorable as the picture arrived wrapped in butcher block paper inside.  It looked beautiful. As she opened it, she began to cry. It was an incredible few moments of vulnerability as she allowed her emotions to show at the deepest level in front of us. It was so special. Thank you Canvas Luv for making this happen.  P.S. As they were leaving he said he wanted to hang this in their bedroom. She said no way. A picture this beautiful was hanging in their front room for everyone to see.  


The Gift of Luv.

A perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any special celebration, your luved ones will cherish a custom-made print created by you!

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This is the perfect gift to give for our anniversary.  Thank you!  

Bobbie N.

My daughter’s first child. What a beautiful way to showcase this moment. Thank you for such a quality product.  

Heather C.